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About Us

We are a CrossFit affiliate located in Rhyl, North Wales. We offer fitness for all abilities in a fun encouraging group environment. 
Our classes involve learning and improving your fitness skills and using those skills in the WOD (workout of the day). 
CrossFit is the sport of fitness that everyone can try. If you’re interested send us an email or book into one of our taster classes. Come have fun and get fit. Click onto our membership options or the TeamUp page to learn more. click the menu at the top of the screen.

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Certified CrossFit Trainer / CF-L3 

Setting goals. 

Long term - Short term. 

“When I went on my CrossFit L1 course the idea of achieving the CCFT seemed a long way away. By setting small goals and taking it a step at a time my goal has now become a reality. Don’t be afraid to take advice and listen to others for help along the way. This can be done with any aspect of life and fitness. Set yourself a goal and go and achieve it 💪. “

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